The most important part of your visit to an Optometrist is a clinically excellent sight test and eye health examination; these essential elements enable you to obtain your best clear and comfortable vision, and regular testing helps maintain that level.

Mark Bushby believes in keeping up to date with the latest optical news, training, innovations and technology. Mark always strives to provide the best and most comprehensive sight test available. Mark Bushby Optometrists offer you a very personal bespoke service and we allocate plenty of time to discuss and meet your needs. Mark always listens to you - so you get exactly what you want from your eye examination.

About 10 years ago Mark bought a Retinal Camera which at the time was considered a leap in technology producing a photograph of the retina at the back of the eye. Always striving to provide the best and most comprehensive eye examination available, five years ago Mark replaced the camera with a Topcon 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) eye scanner.

This amazing scanner remains the most advanced technology in detecting changes in the eye as it scans individual layers in the retina, particularly some layers that are unavailable to view by any other optical equipment in practice today. The OCT also takes a retinal photograph, but it does so much more and we feel it is an essential part of todays eye care.